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We see a not-so-distant future, in which cannabis creates a booming new industry alongside tens of thousands of jobs for Canadians. Soon we will have the opportunity to create hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue to put toward building schools, public housing and putting an end to hunger in our nation. Together, we can do anything.

Kyle Cheyne

  • Great atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable staff, wide selection of products, easy parking and good prices. This is my one and only go to for my medicinal needs. Highly recommended.
    Satisfied Member
    Satisfied Member


The first step towards relief
The first thing we offer each of our visitors is information. In order to make an informed decision, you must first obtain the facts. We carry no-frills literature to get the ball rolling.



How to make the right choice
Our staff are filled with understanding & anecdotal evidence regarding which options are a good fit for your symptoms and preferences. We’re here to help make an informed decision.



Your medicine, when you need it
The ability to see, inspect, purchase and access information about cannabis on-site is the motivation behind the entire industry. You should have the right to choose the natural remedy best suited to you.